PRICING.  $9  per child unlimited play during each facility’s hours of operation same day.  ALL children participating MUST ‘pay to play’ regardless of age and/or amount of time jumping.  You may leave and return the same day for FREE, however, you must stop at the front desk to obtain a wristband and/or stamp for your child.  Please note, open play hours for each facility may differ each week–we recommend checking our online calendar at https://funflatables.org/open-play/#calendars before visiting.  NO CHARGE for Adults 18 and older and non-mobile infants.

WAIVER.  A signed Waiver is required to enter FunFlatables for all minors under 18 regardless of participation.  Waivers require Customer’s name, address and phone number as “Identity Verification” per insurance policy.

SOCKS.  For sanitary purposes, socks must be worn by all participants.  Our staff do their best to monitor children with ‘no socks’, but may not catch it immediately.  If you witness a child with ‘no socks’ please bring it to the attention of a staff member on duty and it will be addressed immediately.

SAFETY RULES.  For the Safety of ALL children, FunFlatables’ Safety Rules must be followed.  PARENTS/GUARDIANS–You have a greater knowledge of your child’s abilities-its is your responsibility to review and ensure that your child follows our Safety Rules at all times while playing at FunFlatables.  If our Safety Rules are not followed, Customer may be asked to leave with no refund.

PARENT/GUARDIAN SUPERVISION REQUIRED.  Unlike a Day Care Center, FunFlatables is a PUBLIC children’s entertainment center, and for that reason, all children must be accompanied and supervised by a PARENT/GUARDIAN at all times while playing at FunFlatables.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS PLAYING ON THE INFLATABLES.  Parents/Guardians may enter the inflatables to interact with their children ONLY.  Parents/Guardians may not play on the inflatables alone or with each other.

CAKE AND PRESENTS NOT ALLOWED.  Cake and presents are not allowed without a ‘Party Booking’.

DIAPER CHANGING.  For sanitary purposes, Diaper changing must be done in the public washrooms ONLY.


FunFlatables strives to provide your family and guests with a fun, safe and well-structured party experience. To ensure your party experience is successful, all customers must follow our policies and procedures below:

LIABILITY WAIVER.  Per insurance requirements, a signed Liability Waiver is required for all participants.

SOCKS.  For sanitary reasons, socks are a must for all participants.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED, with the exception of the following:

  • Cake/Cupcakes/Dessert
  • Veggie Tray/Fruit Tray
  • Chips and Dip
  • Bottled Water/Juice Boxes
FOOD ALLERGY. Outside food allowed for any guest with a food allergy.
ADDITIONAL FOOD AND DRINKS.  Must be purchased through FunFlatables.

SPECIFIC PARTY AREAS AND/OR ROOMS CAN NOT BE RESERVED. To maintain an organized and structured daily party flow and avoid double bookings, FunFlatables can NOT promise nor guarantee a specific party area and/or room.

KID COUNT/PIZZA ORDER. You will receive an email reminder to select your final head count and party extras 2 days prior to your party date.

ARRIVAL. Please do NOT arrive any earlier than 10 minutes prior to your party start-time to avoid unnecessary wait time.

EARLY SET-UP NOT PERMITTED. Due to another party potentially in session and/or staffing availability, early set-up can NOT be permitted.

LATE ARRIVAL. If your party arrives late, FunFlatables may NOT be able to accommodate due to another party arrival, staffing and/or closing time. Therefore, your party may be forced to forfeit party time with no discount or refund.

PARTY END-TIME. Your party must end at it’s designated end time for FunFlatables to maintain capacity loads, allow sufficient time to prepare for the next party, staffing and/or closing time. If violated, a fee of $25 per 30 minutes will be imposed.

LAST MINUTE PIZZA ORDERS NOT ALLOWED. Additional pizzas can NOT be placed at the start of your party nor during your party due to insufficient delivery time.

PIZZA DELIVERY TIME. FunFlatables’ can NOT guarantee an exact pizza delivery time due to pizzas being prepared and delivered from an outside vendor. Your pizzas will arrive during the 2nd hour of your party.

FINAL KID COUNT. On the date of your party, all children (18 and under) participating, regardless of age, will be included in your final kid count. (EXCLUDES 1 Birthday Child.)

PARTY PACKAGE UPDATE. If your party kid count increases or decreases on the date of your party, your party package size will be adjusted accordingly, as well as, included pizzas and 2-liters.

PARTY PACKAGE INCREASE. If your party package increases on the date of your party and you did not order additional pizzas, you will still owe the additional $25 per package increase and forfeit the additional pizza and/or pizzas. However, for each pizza forfeited, you will receive one Free Open Play pass.

REMOVAL OF FUNFLATABLES’ TABLECLOTHS NOT ALLOWED. FunFlatables’ tablecloths are precisely measured and glued down for a uniform decor. If you wish to bring your own tablecloths, they must be placed over of our tablecloths.  Peeling off our glued tablecloths causes damage to them and are costly to replace, remeasure and reglue. Therefore, a $50 repair and maintenance fee will be assessed if a customer removes our tablelcloths.

WALL DECORATIONS ONLY ALLOWED IF HUNG UP USING ‘PAINTER’S TAPE’ ONLY. Other tapes can potentially damage the paint on our walls.

CONFETTI/SILLY STRING NOT ALLOWED. “Confetti” and “Silly String” are NOT allowed due to extensive and timely clean-up. If violated, this could cause another party from getting their party area on-time.  Therefore, a $50 clean-up fee will be imposed.

SMASH CAKES. Because “Smash Cakes” can cause extensive and timely clean-up, FunFlatables reserves the right to charge an additional clean-up fee of $25, if customer chooses to use a Smash Cake.

PULL STRING PINATAS ONLY. For safety reasons, we allow pull-string Pinatas only.

PROFOUND LANGUAGE, INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, DISREGARDING SAFETY RULES. FunFlatables is committed to maintaining a safe, clean and fun environment. If a party member and/or party guest uses profound language, demonstrates inappropriate behavior and/or disregards FunFlatables’ Safety Rules and/or Policies, each violator may be asked to leave FunFlatables with no refund or discount.